Become Climate’s new manager of operations

Working for a virtual company that can change the weather !

Sit down and experience ” live ” the daily events faced by your team: objectives are fixed, accidents happen, rumors circulate, tornados wreak havoc-your virtual employees react and come to you for direction.

Your job is to make the decisions necessary to reach your objectives and those of your team. You will see your team evolve differently, depending on your decisions . But be careful, once you make a decision, you can’t go back: if you make a mistake, you have to live with the consequences and try to correct the situation !

What is CLIMATE Inc ?

Two years ago, Elizabeth Inventor made a fascinating discovery that would change the lives of many people. She noticed that when crickets chirp certain songs, they emit waves that change the climate around them. Based on her research, she started a company that could change the weather.

Unfortunately, the technology has not yet been perfected, and there are accidents on occasion such as snowstorms in mid-summer or sunny 30°C-weather in the winter…

Ms. Inventor’s team is made up of researchers and technicians in charge of operations, a medical team to deal with emergencies, and instructors to prepare the public for the new weather reality

Choose your mission?

Your overall mission is to lead Climate’s Operations and Public Impact Division in accurately modifying the country’s weather while benefiting its citizens.

There are three levels of difficulty to choose from:

Mission #1 : 3A’s Beginner. ” Mobilize Frank! “. You must deal with a demobilized supervisor and have problems solved.


Mission #2 : 3A’s Intermediate. ” The Solution Committee “. You have to consolidate your team of supervisors and take action at the level of their working methods. Climatic errors are happening too frequently.


Mission #3 : 3A’s Expert. ” Decision Teams “. Industrial espionage forces you to lead a major organizational change. The theft of company technology means you will have to build mobilization systems. You must change departmental practices, attitudes and organizational culture.

Hundreds of decisions and paths possible

The scenes are so complex and rich that hundreds of decisions and different paths through the game are possible. You don’t have to stick to a pre-established ideal path. You reap the consequences of your decisions, so you must act to either correct the situation or maintain the direction you have taken.

Many participants enjoy starting the simulation over again, purposely making poor decisions so they can master the art of correcting a bad situation.

How long does the simulation last?

Game length depends on several factors:

  • the decisions you make
  • your progress and previous knowledge
  • the playing mode (single player or team)
  • the difficulty level of the world chosen.

On average, it takes a single player between 20 and 30 hours to complete all 3 missions and master the 3A concepts and habilities; for a team, it takes between 4 and 5 days. It can take even longer if you want to have fun exploring every facet of the simulation or if you want to master all the different ways of using Authority 3ATM.