The 3A Systems Leader

Do you recognize yourself in these situations?

  • Your team of specialists are working in silos instead of collaborating?
  • What are the attitudes at play regarding security, quality, systematisation of information, openness, bullying, sexual harassment?
  • Are your people looking for the culprit or the problem/cause? Focusing on strengths or on weaknesses? Are they cultivating swift responses, aloofness, false emergencies? Hiding mistakes or seeking opportunities? Do they have concern for quality or for self-protection? Do they value clients or « my » service?
  • The configuration of roles is non-functional ? Directors are working at the manager’s level, who is doing himself the employees’ work?


WHAT to intervene on?

Learn to focus and to act on the systems and mindsets: when facing a situation, discern when the mindset, values, culture or dynamics need to be addressed. Adopt the desired values and mindset and lead the real game. Use your 3A’s on the specific aspect of the system you need to change. Use concrete actions and be coherent with the new system!

« It’s more important to know when and where to intervene than to find the best words»


The Level 3 training focus on the 3A System Leader and the structure of roles.