Pierre-Marc Meunier
Pierre-Marc Meunier, Consul-Source Inc.

Founding Partner of Consul-Source and creator of the model Leadership 3A and the serious game Climat-e, Pierre-Marc holds a master's degree in Human Relations Psychology from Sherbrooke’s University. Psychologist for twenty-seven years and a respected and sought-after consultant, trainer and coach, he is working with organizations to coach and guide managers, supervisors and employees in the process of change. He is interested in paradoxical situations and in using each person's strengths to make progress. He taught as a lecturer at Sherbrooke University, in Psychology and in Management.

He has published many books, developed two serious games and created several other simulations to select, train and empower managers and leaders. Take a look!

Contact : p.m.meunier@leadership3a.com

Hélène Lepire
Hélène Lepire, Consul-Source Inc.

Co-founding Partner, Hélène assumes the overall coordination of Consul-Source. Over the last thirty years, she was mainly involved in evaluating potential and management skills. She has also headed a number of surveys for public-sector, para-public and private-sector organizations. She taught Psychology as a lecturer in psychology and supervised Master's students for a number of years at Sherbrooke University.

Contact : h.lepire@leadership3a.com

Geneviève Meunier, Montréal
Geneviève Meunier, Montréal

Geneviève holds a master's degree in Communication (2009) from UQAM, where she explored the key factors for the efficiency in training. A former director of a community-based organization, Geneviève assists and empowers managers, leaders and teams, in their efforts towards real changes and results.

Jean-François Brault, Dialogue Gestion Conseil, Montréal
Jean-François Brault, Dialogue Gestion Conseil, Montréal

Jean-François combines 19 years of experience in training, management coaching, team building, leadership development, and change management in Canada, the U.S.A., France, Taiwan and Algeria. As an ongoing learner, he has obtained various certifications with CFC Consulting Group, ICA USA, DDI Canada, Scott Peck’s Foundation for Community Encouragement and Human Synergistics. He is recognized for his skills as coach and facilitator and has demonstrated his adaptability by successfully leading interventions at all levels in organisations and in diverse cultural settings. He is fluent in French and English and functional in Mandarin Chinese. He is a human ressources practitioner certified by l’"Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agrées du Québec".

Mark Norman, Hearth of the Matter, Belleville, Ontario
Mark Norman, Heart of the Matter Consulting, Ontario

Mark has over 30 years of consulting, coaching and training experience. Specializing in human dynamics in the workplace, Mark assists leaders, teams, departments and whole organizations in developing positive cultures that get results.

Gary MacDonald, Belleville, Ontario
Gary MacDonald, Clearview Consulting & Counselling Services, Ontario

Gary brings 42 years of experience in non-profit leadership and is known for his ability to inspire and motivate clients to achieve excellence in their own work and enhance the performance of their organizations. 

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