and the latest research into adult education.

Our Training program contains all the tools necessary to increase learning speed, promote knowledge integration, and optimize the transfer of skills to the workplace.  Participants are immersed in a highly stimulating, engaging and interactive environment.

To combine «Serious game and Coaching» is the best way :

A business-driven approach to learning based on action.

The stage is set right away: you are to manage a virtual team. The events you face, the way you react to them and the feed-back received will teach you to master the skills and concepts that the training is based on.

A simulation that makes use of people's intelligence and heart, incorporating fun, humor and excitement.

Passivity will become impossible as you find yourself getting caught up in the simulation: you will experience emotions, your understanding will be challenged, and certain situations will make you smile. We have taken into account the fact that emotional engagement is an essential element if learning is to be truly integrated.

Immediate feedback on the consequences of your decisions

Your team will react differently depending on the relevance of your decisions; you may foster cooperation, provoke serious resistance, or create a climate of discouragement.

The events you face are also indirectly caused by how you manage your team of specialists. There is no reset button to cancel a bad decision; you have to compose with its consequences. Be careful! Your people might be confronted with tornados or snowstorms in the middle of summer.

The simulation incorporates several feedback tools:

  • The Map indicates whether or not your progress is optimal.
  • Your score following a decision depends on how good your choice was.
  • A chart shows you how you are using the various types of action available (3A's, level of vision used).
Real-life situations that participants can associate with their own workplaces and colleagues.

The scenarios were inspired by the events and people we have met in our long experience. This makes the situations you have to deal with very realistic, so transferring what you have learned to your work environment will be a snap.

Personalized coaching to support performance improvement.

After each decision, you can read the comments of the Wizard, which will help you to understand what has just happened and give you clues on how you should proceed.

An optional on-line " 3A coach " is also available to provide more personal guidance and support. Please contact us for more information on this service.

Training that taps in one's preferences and learning rhythm, which increases through experience.

You can study first and play the game later, or you might prefer to face the simulation's challenges first and then go looking for further resources.

You can take advantage of the Wizard's explanations and advice as you play, or you can decide to see what you're made of first and then get feedback from someone else.

You can go back and view previous scenes and see what you failed to notice the first time around; you can also review the fundamental concepts as needed.

There are two modes: " Training " and " Skills Evaluation ".

The more experience you have, the faster the learning process becomes.

If you already possess the game's underlying skills, you will be able to move quickly through the scenes until you reach an event that challenges you.

A lot of practical experience in a short period of time.

Along the way, you have opportunities to test your new knowledge and your ability to master the skills.

In several days, you will experience how your team would develop over an entire year, allowing you to quickly develop an approach that would otherwise take a long time to acquire.

A series of concepts learned " just in time " rather than " just in case ".

No more learning a long series of concepts before you start " just in case " you might need them. With this simulation, you can consult them when they become necessary and then apply them right away.

A chance to experiment without putting your credibility or working climate at risk.

You can experiment with different choices, make mistakes and recover without anyone ever being the wiser. You can hone your skills and perfect your method of intervention before trying them out on your own team.

A program that also fulfills the expectations of managers:

Training providing an opportunity for the supervisor to discuss skills already mastered and those to be perfected. Through the 3ATM Skills Questionnaire, the manager and participant can agree on priority training goals before the training. The trainer subsequently determines his or her interventions with these goals in mind. After the training, the manager and the participant can evaluate the knowledge acquired with input from the trainer during an interview with the three individuals involved. This also provides an opportunity to draw up an action plan for future progress.

Contact us for information on the key skills associated with each program.