Observable results in your organization!

Users of the Leadership 3ATM approach recognize that they have a new perspective of their role, their actions, and their strategies. They have acquired not simply know-how, but a new way of thinking that is essential for managing today’s complex organizations.

  • An approach to performance management that elicits less resistance.
  • A working climate of respect that nurtures creativity.
  • Fewer leadership conflicts among leaders and supervisors.
  • Less frustration, fewer conflicts and problems to deal with one by one.
  • Less pressure on managers because the people they supervise contribute.
  • Remarkable changes in awareness and attitudes.
  • Managers better equipped to lead multi-disciplinary or multi-expertise teams.
  • In short, 3A graduates think differently-they have the desired impact by using at the right time, in the right context, with the right people, and in the right way…


  • Distinguish the 3A’s (interactional competencies) Alignment, Activation, and Assurance.
  • Apply each of modes of interaction and supervision (the 3A’s) appropriately and effectively, with individuals and teams .
  • Identify each of the 7 stages of authority for individuals and groups.
  • Recognize the behavior of one’s subordinates and adopt the appropriate attitude.
  • Distinguish each of the 3 levels of vision at which one can act: solving problems, putting work methods into place, and implementing systems and mindset. (Strategic competencies)
  • Grasp the strengths and weaknesses of one’s current style of authority.
  • Are you content leader, method leader or system leader? Learn to decode your own coherence.
  • Learn to quickly target where intervention is needed: with individuals, a team, or the organization.
  • Become aware of the 3 types of organization and know the three categories of roles. (Organizational competencies).


Each of three modules of two days each corresponds to a mandate that requires users to put specific skills and knowledge into practice. The pedagogy underlying the simulations is akin to problem-based teaching or action-based learning: students are presented with challenges similar to situations in their everyday lives and provided with keys to reading the situation and intervening that allow them to understand why the situation is the way it is and to discover how they should deal with the challenge.


Level 1. Interactive competencies (2 days)

Climat-e simulation, World 1 – ” Mobilize Frank! ”
Objective: Take action with an individual using the 3A’s.


Level 2. STRATEGIC competencies and team leadership  (2 days)

Climat-e simulation, World 2 – ” The Solution Committee ”
Objective: Take action with a team, define new methods and process,  and move it forward.


Level 3. STATEGIC AND Organizational competencies (2 days)

Climat-e simulation, World 3 – ” Decision Teams ”
Objective: Change departmental practices, attitudes and organizational culture.



Some organizations choose to go further in applying the 3A’s of Authority and Leadership and train employees to become ” 3A coaches “. They help others to develop their skills and transfer learning from the 3A training. These coaches aren’t trainers themselves but take on a role of change agent.



Are you responsible for training or change in your organization? Consul-Source offers you the possibility of becoming a certified ” 3A’s ” trainer for your organization

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