Develop your key competencies and your strategic thinking as a team leader…

Pilots hone their skills on simulators

Now, managers can too!


you lead one or more teams and…

  • You wish you had a strategic vision when you make decisions?

  • You want to feel as though your actions bring ” added value “?
  • You want to play your role fully and involve others in playing their own roles?
  • You want to mobilize your teams and change their mentality?

The Climat-® simulation transforms the perspective that team and business leaders have of their roles of authority and equips them to face the realities of today’s teams. Using this multimedia training tool, which is steeped in the Leadership and Authority 3A™ approach, will help you have more impact with less effort. You will learn to target your actions more precisely and choose the right vehicle to carry them out.



with a virtual-reality interactive program

Develop your abilities to think strategically by becoming the new manager of Climate, a virtual company.

Experience ” live ” the daily challenges faced by your team, and experiment with the kinds of impacts your decisions and your own natural style have. Discover new ways to increase the autonomy of your teams.

The program is designed to increase learning speed, promote knowledge integration, and optimize the transfer of skills to the workplace. Participants are immersed in a highly stimulating and interactive environment. The Business Game Climat-® offers a challenge for everyone, whatever their level of responsibility.

Here’s what our clients say about the Climat-e® simulation.