Once you have mastered the 3A’sTM, you will hold the key to the evolution of the roles in your organization . And since this model is defined using your objectives, an annual evaluation can be done in one easy step. Once the roles have been defined, training needs are easily identified and incorporated into the program

You want to move toward self-managed groups? Authority 3A™ provides the framework to get you there.

Your management team wastes time on quarrelsome discussions? Our model shows people how to avoid conflicts of authority by using everyone’s resources.

You want to make your entire organizational system more intelligent? Authority 3A™ will take you through the process step by step.

If, like many of our clients, you want to incorporate the 3A’s™ into your everyday practices? We can train a ” 3A™ coach ” to act as a leader in making the change.
If your business is large and you want to minimize consultant costs? Why not train your own internal accredited 3A™ trainers?