Consul-Source : Your leadership multiplied by 3A

Since 1982, Consul-Source has assisted organizations in developing human potential wherever they are in Canada.

Our mission

« To support organizations in developing their human potential. »
To do so, we target an organization’s driving force: its leadership and authority. Supervisors, employees, and managers all become essential to taking action and fostering change.

We believe

– Authority is a natural phenomenon that has a place in all kinds organizations, even the most participatory ;

– Authority can play an exceedingly positive role when used properly.

– Whether you’re a manager or an employee, the more authority and skills you have, the more quickly, effectively, and vigorously the organization can develop.

Rather than hiding the reality of authority, we increase its effectiveness by 3A’s. We help people use leadership and authority properly and adapt it to the situations they encounter, both in conventional and communicating organizations and in self-managing groups.

Let us share the quiet strength of  3A Authority with you.

We are recognized by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for training taxation credits.