Coaching Skills-3A’s of Leadership and authority

Transitioning to a high-performance culture.

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Level 1:

3 A’s of Leadership – it’s all about your coaching skills.

How does a supervisor or manager lead individuals, teams, and departments towards higher involvement and higher quality? This question is raised by many who realize that theory cannot replace practical skills when it comes to leading people. The focus of this training is to go past theory and into practice. Participants will gain new insights on the use and misuse of authority and discover and apply practical ways to use organizational authority to lead individuals and teams to a new level of contribution.


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Level 2:

Put your coaching skills to work & build a high-performance team

Now that you have had the opportunity to put the 3A’s into practice with individuals, this seminar will provide you with more refined criteria to coach individuals and teams as well as to contribute to leading organizational change. The concepts will allow team participants to choose the focus, the level of their actions with individuals or teams as well as to discern how to direct that action; towards individuals, teams, departments or whole organizations. The learning tools include Climat-e, the electronic simulation experienced in the first level, but with higher complexity. The simulation involves participants in coaching a whole team towards higher performance.


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