The author: Pierre-Marc Meunier

Pierre-Marc Meunier has a master degree in human relations psychology from Sherbrooke University where he gave courses in Psychology and Management. Cofounder of Consul-Source, he acted as organizational psychologist for more than 27 years. Since 1979, he has worked in a variety of organizations, training, coaching and guiding leaders, managers and employees in change. He is particularly stimulated by paradoxical situations and by finding the means for people to contribute to growth through their strengths.

He created the " Leadership & Authority 3A®" model in 1992 after a large organization asked him to deliver two hours of training on applying discipline (!). Finding that managers were devalued, demoralized and powerless, he set out to develop an approach that would address their needs. Two years later, 120 people had participated in 6 days of training, internal "3A" coaches were in place to insure sustainable change, and many other initiatives were under way to contribute to the ongoing development of the organization. The originality and the groundedness of the "3A" model struck a cord in the heart of the company

He has authored several books and created two simulations to train and equip managers for exercising their roles of authority:

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