“We had a very unique experience taking the training with Gary MacDonald who facilitated the 3A’s simulation for our leadership team. I believe we will benefit for the rest of our leadership lives. It was very dynamic time of decision making using simulation.”
John Courtney, Executive Director / Center for Youth Excellence (YFC), Winnipeg, Manitoba


” My experience with the 3A has been extraordinary. The management team still talks about their experience with 3A. For them, this is the new standard for which other leadership courses are judged. For me, it has helped develop and perfect the skills that are needed to be an effective leader in Public Services. “

Cheryl Grant, D.G., Natural Resources Canada.


” It was a meaningful experience for me. I felt like a both learned a lot and consolidated learning I had done, coming out of the sessions much better prepared to accept my role as a leader. ”
Kerridwen Harvey, Manager, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.


” The 3As required me to reflect upon the method and level of my interventions, rather than in terms of specific contentat, to strengthen their impact and force. ”
Andrew Griffith, D.G., Citizenship and Multiculturalism Canada.


” What I have learned has changed my life. I use the 3As every day, and always will. “
Ian Matheson, Director General, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


” It’s a fundamental tool in our training program. Other tools acquired elsewhere can be integrated afterwards. Leadership 3A is the foundation upon which we build. ”
Jocelyne Cormier, D.G., Preservation Branch, National Archives.


” All my employees had ‘3A’ training. Our meetings are more effective and carried out in an atmosphere of respect. Employees who were once reserved now feel comfortable contributing original ideas; we’re making use of everyone’s intelligence, which has increased the company’s creativity. “
Benoît Laplante, president, HTRC Paper Technologies Inc., Sherbrooke.


” The “3A’s” have revolutionized our supervisory practices. They’ve allowed us to head towards a more participative approach to work organization that better uses the intelligence of workers and the development of coaches. ” 
Raymond Gaudreault, Superintendant, F.F. Soucy Paper, Rivière du Loup, Qc.


” With the 3A approach, I can diagnose the problem faster, taking into account factors at individual, team, and organizational levels. This really puts me in the best possible position.”
Michel Saïkali, conseiller, Emploi Québec.


” One year after my training, I’m still using the diagnostic tools to gage the effectiveness of my actions. I’m much clearer on my actions and decisions. ”
Lucie Lagacée, RRSSS Saguenay Lac St-Jean.


” 3A Authority and Leadership” allowed our managers to use their authority in a positive way, helped us in employee development and allowed an entrepreneurial spirit to surface in our organization. “

Jacques Lacroix, Training Coordinator, Brasserie Labatt du Canada, Montréal Qc.


” The “3A” network allows us to develop further, exchange ideas and questions and to explore new areas of application. ” 
Guy Koninckx, Personnel Director, Roland Inc., Bruxelles, Belgium.


” Learning to use the “3A’s” represents a great asset, mastering them in order to teach others has become a way of life in an organization which is continuously seeking to improve communication. ” 
Daniel Barker, Quality Dept., Domtar Communication Papers, Windsor, Qc.