A simple, powerful and proven development model…

ClimateTM is a simulation (or serious game) based on the ” Leadership and Authority 3A™ ” model. It rests on over 20 years of research and hands-on experience working with leaders.

Whether trained in management or sciences, managers and supervisors appreciate both the humanness of the approach and the logic that guides it. That’s what makes it so simple and powerful.

Here are a few testimonials to Climate’s results:

  • It makes it easier to distinguish our own role from the role of the team.
  • The choice of tools makes dealing with a difficult individual or group more effective.
  • Fewer management-employee conflicts: I know how to act without interfering with their roles.
  • Stronger teams: I know how to take actions that will foster team strength.
  • It’s easier to tell when the problem is one of attitude; I’m better at cultivating new attitudes.
  • An increase in appropriate action when something happens: I’m more at ease taking the necessary measures at the individual, team, and organizational levels.
  • Complete turn-around of a situation: Before, my team had totally rejected me; now I know how to exercise effective authority that they will accept.
  • Establishment of a clear mobilization plan: I know how to start mobilizing my team and how to take clearly defined steps toward making them more accountable.
  • Instead of telling my people to be more accountable, I used my own behaviour to make them more accountable .

The key to success
in the knowledge-based economy
is Thinking Strategically

Users of the Leadership 3A™ approach recognize that they have a new perspective of their role, their actions, and their strategies. They have acquired not simply know-how, but a new way of thinking that is essential for managing today’s complex organizations.


… Observable results in your organization!

  • Effective executives who develop their teams’ autonomy and mobilization.
  • Managers better equipped to lead multi-disciplinary or multi-site teams.
  • Team leaders who rediscover the value of authority and feel respected in their role as ” boss “.
  • Employees who play greater and more fulfilling roles.
  • A working climate of respect that nurtures creativity.
  • A clear plan of action toward becoming a participative, learning organization
  • An approach to performance management that elicits less resistance.
  • Fewer leadership conflicts among leaders and supervisors.
  • Less frustration, fewer conflicts and problems to deal with one by one.
  • Less pressure on managers because the people they supervise contribute.
  • Remarkable changes in awareness and attitudes.
  • In short, 3A graduates think differently-they use their skills at the right time, in the right place, with the right people, and in the right way…

Here’s what our clients say about the Climat-e® simulation.