Identification of competencies to develop

3As® Skills Questionnaire – Level 1


Below is a list of skills related to the 4 areas of competence we will address in the Leadership 3As®  Level 1 training session. This list will allow you to set specific learning objectives first individually, then in consultation with your supervisor before the session. Following the training, you will evaluate what you have learned, and with your supervisor you will establish a plan to implement these skills. Your responses will also help the trainer tailor the session to your group’s needs.



1. Complete the questionnaire

Participant : Working individually, from among the skills listed, identify your known strengths , and from the skills which you feel you perform less well, identify those that are priorities for development (about ten of each). Make sure to send us your results at least 48 hours before the training session.

Supervisor (line manager) : Working individually, from among the skills suggested, identify the ones which the trainee is most comfortable with (their known strengths) as well as those they are least comfortable with and that you would like them to prioritize developing.

2. Discuss the results with your supervisor

At a pre-training meeting, the trainee and their supervisor will share their thoughts and agree on 10 strengths and 10 priorities for development. If your development priorities change following this meeting, complete the “Strengths and Priorities” items of this questionnaire again and send us your responses at least 48 hours before the training session.

3. Participate in the training session

Improve your skills and competencies!

4. Create an individual development plan (IDP) – 1 hour coaching 

After the training session, trainee, supervisor and trainer will review the improved competencies together. The trainee will develop an action plan, based on their objectives identified below, which they will put into action during the coming weeks.


Below is the online questionnaire to be completed by a trainee and their supervisor. Note that the questionnaire will not load with some browsers such as Internet Explorer. If you are unable to see the questionnaire, you can use the )PDF version (only available in French for now.


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